Thank you SO much for the incredible testimonials my clients have given to me in support of my practice and my person. I invite you to read below to hear reviews straight from the source!

Journey Into Holistic Wellness came at the right time in my life as I was creating a new path for personal and professional development after surviving the first hard years of raising 3 young kids, two of whom are twins. I loved the pace and amount of material on each topic and I managed to implement most lessons right after studying them. I specifically benefited from a unit about benefits of physical exercise and started a running practice! The course touches on so many facets of everyday life and offers such a powerful insights and inspirations, that I recommend it to anyone striving for health and fulfilling life. 

Natalia - Colorado


When I first met Pallas, at a small, quiet coffee shop in Golden, I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. Honestly, I was just super grateful, to get out of the house, without any of my five kids, and be social with another adult, and a seemly nice, caring adult at that… I didn’t know anything about health coaching, but the idea of becoming healthier sounded amazing!… Especially, since I had spent a couple seasons of being so sick that I was unable to leave the house, clean my home, do laundry or even cook for my family. I knew I had to do something, I had to put more distance between me and that debilitating stomach illness that took over my life and I wondered, if health coaching could help…?

My life has been a constant flux of chaos for years… I had absolutely no idea that I was so busy taking care of everyone and everything else, that I was forgetting to take time and care for myself. I was tired and drained constantly.

Halfway through my sessions with Pallas, I felt a jolt of change. Through her love, support and knowledge I was able to break through bad habits and begin to build new ones. It felt amazing! I wasn’t grouchy anymore in the mornings! I began to feel good (and not guilty) about taking extra time for myself, because having the ability to feel stronger and more peaceful, made me feel something worthwhile! The days of anxiety that use to take over my body physically, where I felt funny inside, like I had elevated blood sugar (but didn’t), that made me feel like I needed to slow down, do less, rest, because I wasn’t eating right, all those overwhelmed days, they are gone, faded into the past of a life, of a life I no longer live.

Towards the very end I had a second break through, I would have described as an ‘awakening’. It was as if, I had been living in thick clouds of fog for so long and I was use to it. But, then one day the sun came out. It might sound silly, but I felt like I had awakened from a deep Mom sleep. I had been so busy and involved in all my responsibilities as a Mom, that for a long while, I had forgotten who I was and what it felt like to be ME. It was pure excitement, when the gears in my brain began turning differently, the way they did, before I was Mom!

Even more unbelievable to me is that I have been able to grow in ways, I never even knew I needed to grow! As a younger me first out in the world, I created a self-defense mechanism toward certain types of difficult situations with people I did not know very well (your boss, someone you don’t know well at church, a person at the grocery store or even someone you pass on the street). Although this self-defense mechanism, was protecting me in some ways, it was also keeping the pain close to my heart. I discovered this mechanism was also blinding me from the truth and the ability to work through these types of situations in a healthy way… Imagine me, so surprised by my different thought process and immediate reaction being in this same hurtful situation out in the world, just suddenly, before I even realized! Instead of protecting myself, I was able to branch out and become a healthier me emotionally, and part of that meant not having to hold onto the hurt! This different reaction, which I had not rehearsed or addressed came from the different perspective and changed habits I was working on in my family life! Looking forward, I wonder what other surprises and changes I will find myself making…? This break through, while the first part I was confronted with, was automatic, the last part of how to let go of the pain, needed extra work. I can’t help but want to do continued sessions with Pallas, as I know I can only continue to grow as a person. So many people deal with things in our own ways, not knowing or realizing these coping mechanisms are coping and not living up to our full potential… It also makes me question, what other parts of my life, need adjustment?

It seems so long ago I was in that place, swimming against the current in my own head and in so many ways, hitting a wall and feeling stuck and sick. But, a year has gone by since the end of my coaching session. I don’t think I would have ever had an opportunity to slow down and make all these breakthroughs or be able to grow in all the ways I have, without the support of Pallas as my personal health coach. I believe part of my growth also had something to do with vitamins and minerals, which my body had been depleted of for years, while pregnant and nursing. Luckily, Pallas and I connected at the time I needed help most and through the kind, nurturing and knowledgeable environment Pallas provided, I was able to discover a healthier, happier me.


Thank you Pallas! I love you! You have helped me beyond measure…

Jessica P. - Golden, Colorado