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Pre-requisite: Conscious Leadership Individual and Group Coaching

BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics specifically addresses companywide organizational interrelationships, communication and culture as experienced through conscious and unconscious belief systems and in turn, seen and implemented through the eyes of the CEO and Executive Leadership team. Sessions conducted 1:1 and in group coaching sessions.

As the CEO of a company organization, the function or dysfunction that arises within the organization,

is ultimately, a direct reflection of the function or dysfunction within the CEO’s inner-most

workings of their mind and emotions.


Think of this as top down causality. Everything and everyone that is connected to the CEO is beneficially or detrimentally impacted at some level.

With that being said, to effectively improve overall 

organizational performance, interrelationships,

communication and culture, it must start at the top with the CEO, and then the CEO’s leadership team.

Matrix Dynamics uniquely addresses complex human to human and organizational interrelationships as well as

communication within families, teams, organizations and companies.

We specifically address the conscious and unconscious belief systems directly impacting the company and organizations through Matrix Dynamics BodyTalk. These belief systems are held deep within the individual participant’s mind and BodyMind.


We will then uncover and unpack how these belief systems are impacting the overall functioning of the company and organizations within that company.


The result is creating coherence and harmonizing the company, dramatically improving interrelationships, communication and culture.

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