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Quantum physics explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level. It explains from the smallest particle how the entire universe works. The scientific discoveries fundamentally change how we perceive our entire reality. From the fastest computers in the world to your every day grocery store scanner, the application of quantum physics is at the leading edge of modern technology today. The language of quantum physics helps us to better understand integrative medicine.


Various alternative healing modalities from both ancient and modern medical traditions become as logical, elegant, and satisfying as the interpretation of

quantum physics itself.

Quantum physics proposes consciousness as the fabric of reality. It is a model for a deeper understanding of the universe. And consequently, the art of healing. With an in-depth knowledge of the gifts of quantum physics to medicine, we are better equipped to prevent disease and promote optimal health for every human being in the world. One of the great challenges within the current model of medicine is to break free of the traditional linear ways of thinking. Doctors and medical schools continue to use Newtonian physics, perpetuating a materialistic approach to healing.

-Quantum University

BodyTalk is a revolutionary state of the art, quantum energy medicine healthcare system which optimizes the body’s internal communications and allow it to more effectively respond to injury and illness which in turn foundationally supports the immune system's natural healing processes. 

When challenges such as these are left unaddressed, one's quality of life begins to decrease as 'symptoms' begin to arise. Symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, mental health challenges, colds, chronic pain, lack of energy, chronic fatigue, relationship challenges and other health issues as the body and mind struggle to reclaim balance. 


  • If could improve something about your physical and/or mental health, what would it be and why? 

  • What daily reality have you actively created for your life with your conscious and unconscious thoughts and beliefs which are triggering stress responses?

  • Is this the life you truly want to be living?

  • What reality do you WANT to create for one precious life?  

  • If you could make just ONE shift in your life, to begin to create the life you desire, what would it be?

Breathe in life

to give yourself life.

Breathe in Gratitude 

and activate your heart.  

Breathe in vitality 

and energize your life.

Breathe in creativity

and live inspired.

Breathe in Freedom 

and ignite your passion for life.


Breathe In Life
For Stress, Anxiety & Emotional Regulation

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help. HeartMath meditation is a heart-focused breathing meditation that quickly works by shifting your mental and emotional state from stressed and anxious to calm and peaceful. 

This science based practice creates coherence between the heart and the brain, which in turn, harmonizes the mental, physical and emotional systems of the body and mind. The result, restoring communication between the heart and the brain, bringing you back into balance, centered and grounded. 

Cultivating Coherence Between the Heart and The Brain

Harmonizing Your Life to Life

Breathe out life

and give life, to the

people you love and care about.

Breathe out joy

and fill the hearts of others

energizing their lives.

Breathe out creativity

and inspire those you

touch and lead, with your

thoughts, words and actions.

Breathe out Freedom

and ignite the passion in others.

We pride ourselves on stepping out of the cookie cutter consulting industry, by breaking the old school mold and going straight to the root causes of organizational disharmony by co-creating holistically balanced, beneficial, joyful and sustainable change starting with the heart and mind of the individual. 

All companies, whether in balance and thriving or challenged with less than optimal organizational inter-relationships and communication breakdowns, are a top down causality effect. The organization in action, is a direct reflection of the conscious and sub-conscious belief systems of the CEO and their leadership teams.

  • We help CEO's and Executive Leadership teams improve their organizations from the inside-out, starting with the communication between the heart and the brain of the individual Executive leaders.

  • Executive leadership in today's complex world is more challenging than ever with quickly changing cultures and significant world events.

  • We utilize cutting edge systems of technology for creating heart and brain coherence along with bio-photonics to dramatically improve stress, anxiety and over-all well-being.

  • In addition, we go deep into the heart of the individuals conscious and unconscious belief systems impacting both their personal and professional lives though Integrative Coaching and BodyTalk Matrix Dynamics. 

What Is Our Overall Integrative Approach To Health, Wellness and Business?

We Utilize Elements From A Variety of Modalities, Traditions, Systems, Holistic practices and Mindsets anchored into the applied practice and principles of Quantum Medicine and Integrative Medicine. 


Through the integration of these practices, we facilitate Healing, Balancing and Harmonizing of the BodyMind as seen in animals, humans, individuals, families, teams, groups and organizations.

Choose your thoughts wisely, as they are the source energy,

the vehicle itself, that creates your life.

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