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Expert Level Coaching and Mentoring:

Conscious Medicine for Leadership – integrating BodyTalk and Integrative Coaching

My style of Integrative coaching and mentoring for leadership significantly surpasses traditional health, life and Executive coaching by going directly to the root cause of incoherence and disharmony within the organization.


This lack of heart/brain coherence and conscious awareness of ‘WHY’ the disharmony is rampant, starts at the top with the CEO and through top-down causality, impacts every other individual in a Leadership capacity either constructively or destructively.


By harmonizing the heart and brain of the individuals in leadership roles, we in turn, harmonize the ‘heart and the brain’ of the organization itself.  The result being immediate impact of the core blueprint of the ‘matrix’ of organizational interrelationships and communication.



  • I integrate coaching and mentoring into 1:1 Conscious Medicine sessions.

  • Group Conscious Leadership sessions are deeply anchored into my unique style of Integrative coaching.



  • Community Platform Hosted within Mighty Networks 

  • Online meetings held via ZOOM

  • Group support via text and video inside of your private and exclusive Mighty Networks community.

  • All community communications, group coaching (between sessions), events, and meetings are held exclusively within your Mighty Networks community.

  • Access to your personal community calendar of events hosted inside of Mighty Networks.



  • General membership in primary Mighty Networks community

  • Access to all Mighty Networks general membership opportunities

  • Exclusive Access to: Conscious Leadership Community



  • Group discussions anchored into emerging new ideas, creativity, personal insights, and conscious awareness

  • HeartMath-Heart/Brain Coherence

  • HRV (Heartrate Variability Inner balance Bluetooth System) included ($200 value)

  • Aromatherapy (essential oils included) ($200 value)

  • Bio-Well Electro-photonic sessions demonstrating the healing and balancing of your personal energy systems over the course of our work together (coming spring of 2023)

  • BodyTalk/Quantum Medicine for personal and professional transformation and healing

  • Matrix Dynamics/BodyTalk/Quantum Medicine for greater impact of organizational health

  • Brain balancing tools

  • Stress management

  • Defragging your personal iceberg of conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs

  • Exploration of individual and collective conscious and unconscious belief systems

  • Mindfulness

  • Community Education and Personal Development

  • Additional online mindfulness events, coaching opportunities, masterminds, community roundtables

  • Conscious Medicine/Quantum Medicine

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine energy systems and the impact on your daily life


  • Improving Interrelationships, Relationships, Communication and Culture within your organization through Matrix Dynamics work

  • Improve a heart driven organizational culture

  • Improve organizations sense of purpose

  • Enhance and improve core organizational philosophies

  • Enhance and improve organizational heart-driven organizational communication

  • Improve leadership’s ability to move to action quickly

  • Increase overall organizational performance

  • Improve company-wide organizational communication and interrelationships creating stronger teams

  • Improve success transitions and incorporation of new roles into leadership

  • Improve effective and successful transitions, mergers and acquisitions of external products, services, and companies (from the human to human – ‘H2H’- experience)

  • Reduce Lost Revenue because of Improved Human to Human – ‘H2H’ - communication and interrelationships

  • Increase employment retention of top performers

  • Attract top performers

  • Raise The Hiring Bar

  • Improve organizational mental performance and clarity of the organization

  • Improve organizational performance

  • Improve company culture

  • Balance ‘stuck’ belief systems and mental attitudes that are blocking you from achieving your life potentials and may be disrupting your organization’s ability to thrive

  • Decrease disharmony and stress within the organization

  • Improve leaderships communication

  • Improve leaderships effectiveness

  • Increase organizational synchronicities



  • You will be able to create the personal and professional life you have always dreamed of by showing up as your authentic self, driven by empathy and understanding, connected relationships and healthy organizational dynamics which foundationally support all aspects of who you are both personally and professional, as they are one and the same!!

  • You will create profound balance in your life with small, sustainable changes, regulating your nervous system chronic stress and anxiety through mindfulness and meditation practices, and implementations, which naturally greatly reduce or eliminate chronic stress and anxiety.

  • You will have more fun, and overall success by implementing small sustainable actions, shifting belief systems, and anchoring into beneficial emotions while creating useful patterns.

  • You will anchor into deeply personal, conscious awareness of what is serving you and creating abundance, peace, and joy and what is stealing your precious time and energy, therefore creating stress, chaos, trauma, and overall life dysfunction.



  • Sense deeply into a future where you are the champion of your life, one where you are excited to wake up in the morning, ready to create, to learn, grow, innovate, lead and thrive!

  • Feel into a future where you and everyone around you is no longer stressed out, anxious, numb, angry, uncomfortable, disconnected, and emotionally distant.

  • Imagine, your ideal life, where you are so confident in who you are as an individual and as a leader, that you are fully charged with energy to lead not only your life but others! 

  • Experience life at a future time, where you are no longer living to work and working to live, what would that feel like?

  • Feel, what it would be like to be running an organization driven by conscious leaders with thriving with a healthy culture.

  • Think of a future, where your organization is filled with healthy people, healthy communication, all of whom are deeply connected to the vision and mission and are now able to tap into their creativity and innovative production

  • Imagine, an organization with people that trust their leadership teams and have a willingness to change, adapt, collaborate!

  • Sense, into a future where you are in love with your life, instead of falling farther and farther away from your core dreams.

  • Now, Dream of a conscious life full of heart connected, authentic friends, real conversations of value, TIME, just for you, a fulfilling career, excitement, and inspiration instead of foreboding feelings, stress and anxiety.

  • Now, Know, deep inside, that you CAN change your life.

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