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Expert lead Integrative Coaching - anchored into Consciousness and
Cultivating Individual as well as Collective Conscious Awareness

Monthly 3.5 Hour Round Table Mastermind Workshops

No Pre-requisite: Open to Executive Leadership Anywhere as a Whole

These masterminds bring together the best and the brightest minds from companies

and organizations all across the country. Participants bring fresh energy, inspiration, new insights and experiences, questions, collaborations and conscious awareness.  

Mastermind’s such as these provide an opportunity for incredible  leadership teams and the brightest individuals to show up authentically both mentally and emotionally, with one another while sharing professional and personal transformations, knowledge, insights, new found wisdom and experiences.


Leadership teams cultivate deeper levels of empathy and greater conscious awareness with experiential learning through the integration of both individual and collective challenges in highly organized and expertly facilitated Mastermind workshops.

  • Bringing together the best and the brightest minds in leadership who are all going through a similar transformative learning process in deep dive Mastermind workshops.

  • Cultivate deeper levels of conscious awareness of not just themselves as individuals, but as a part of a greater functioning body. 

  • Foster a greater sense of community, camaraderie and creativity.

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