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We utilize combinations of simple and effective holistic clinical energy therapies that enable your body's energy systems and physiological responses to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended.




BodyTalk is a revolutionary state of the art, quantum energy medicine healthcare system which optimizes the body’s internal communications and allow it to more effectively respond to injury and illness which in turn foundationally supports the immune system's natural healing processes. 


Our bodies are always working towards balance and homeostasis of health and vitality. But the reality is, our bodies are dealing with mental, emotional, physical and energetic stress factors daily which impact our immune system and make it difficult to heal. 

When our bodies become overwhelmed with too many layers of stress as well as what may seem to be insignificant and/or highly impactful traumas, the body begins to short circuit by operating inefficiently.

When challenges such as these are left unaddressed, one's quality of life begins to decrease as 'symptoms' begin to arise such as anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems, mental health challenges, colds, chronic pain, lack of energy, chronic fatigue, relationship challenges and other health issues as the body and mind struggle to reclaim balance. 

Clinical results show that quantum energy medicine supports the nervous system by addressing the areas of the body that have lost communication.

BodyTalk practitioners work in subtle communication with your bodies innate wisdom through muscle checking and listening for information on what areas need to be reconnected and harmonized while providing verbal information about how to engage in your own healing process and become an advocate for yourself and your life.


  • Energy medicine treatment commences a relaxation response within the body.

  • When the body is relaxed, endorphins or feel-good hormones are triggered and released in the three brains:  head, heart and gut brain.

  • When the body is relaxed, the endorphin hormones relax muscles as well. 

  • Relaxed muscles increase circulation throughout the body creating more space between cells for fluids to naturally flow.

  • Increased circulation increases blood oxygen levels throughout the entire body.

  • Increased blood flow and circulation enable nutrients to be absorbed and utilized in a higher capacity. 

  • When nutrients are absorbed properly, overall gut health and digestion improve.

  • With improved absorption of nutrition and digestion, hormones can now balance and support the core foundational constitution of the body.

  • Toxins are detoxed from the body.

  • Regeneration of healthy cells replaces old and unhealthy cells.

  • Relaxation of the body promotes healing and balancing of the BodyMind.

  • The immune system is regulated when the physiology of the body is balanced and stabilized.

  • A balanced and relaxed BodyMind, stabilizes the immune system which impacts and affects the body, mind, spirit, emotions and energies of the body's energy systems and energy fields supporting self-healing.


  • I incorporate a revolutionary healthcare system that utilizes state-of-the-art energy medicine to optimize the body's internal communications. This helps the body to operate more efficiently and effectively respond to injury and illness.

  • Refocus your body's natural healing response to establish better communication from the cellular level up within the body.

  • Reduce healthcare costs by stimulating the body's ability to heal itself.

  • Clinical energy medicine provides low-cost preventive care, reduces hospital stays and lowers the cost of drug use by stimulating the body to heal faster.

  • Reduce systemic inflammation

  • Reduce or eliminate chronic pain

  • Improve and balance over-all immune function

  • Release blocked energy, emotions and physical imbalances related to belief systems, traumas, events and stress held within the BodyMind

  • Unpack acquired identities and detrimental belief systems that are negatively impacting your quality of life and overall health and vitality

  • Tap into your power to co-create the life and health you desire

  • Access your purpose and truth and thereby create flow, energy, ease, and joy​

  • Feel safe and secure in the world 

  • Feel capable of overcoming any challenges through recognizing the gifts and transformation potential possible in every experience.


  • Integrative energy medicine is safe, simple and effective; we see lasting results quickly.

  • These sessions focus your body's natural healing response to establish better communication within the body. Individuals tend to immediately tend to feel relaxation, lighter overall being, reduced pain and more in present their bodies.

  • Because clinical energy medicine engages the bodies innate intelligence or your natural ability to heal, the sessions work along with your bodies own physiological processes.

  • We initially recommend 3-6 sessions over a period of 1-2 months to give the BodyMind and nervous system time to balance and address your innate healing processes.


  • Adults, Children, Teens, Elderly, Couples, Families, Animals

  • Energy medicine is subtle, completely non-invasive and safe for everyone.

  • The gentle nature of this healing modality is a wonderful supporting tool to have in anyone's toolbox of their healing journey!


  • Sessions can be conducted in-person or via distance healing typically conducted over Zoom.

  • Sessions can be scheduled for 60 or 90 minutes with various combinations of energy medicine and Integrative health coaching.

  • In-person sessions are done fully clothed and lying down on a massage table. You can expect to feel deeply relaxed and clients frequently fall asleep during the session.

  • We offer bio-individualized lifestyle education and light health coaching during your session.

  • We recommend a healthy diet and adequate hydration in the days before and after your session.

  • We may also suggest additional supportive modalities, movement and/or Integrative health coaching as part of your extended treatment protocols.


The techniques shared through this modality are designed to enhance the self-healing process and do not replace traditional medical care, medical diagnosis or medical treatment for illness. This practice promotes a cooperative model that bridges holistic care through quantum medicine with traditional allopathic medicine. Refer to a licensed medical Dr. for medical care.

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